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Fuel consumption* 911 Turbo S: Combined in l/100 km (mpg) 9.1 (31.0); CO2 emissions in g/km 212.

Fuel consumption* 718 Models: Combined in l/100 km 8.1 – 6.9; CO2 emissions in g/km 184 – 158.

Fuel consumption* 911 Carrera: Combined in l/100 km 8.3 – 7.4; CO2 emissions in g/km 190 – 169.

Fuel consumption* 911 Models: Combined in l/100 km 13.3 – 7.4; CO2 emissions in g/km 308 – 169.

Fuel consumption* Panamera Models: Combined in l/100 km 9.5 – 7.5; CO2 emissions in g/km 217 – 171.

Fuel consumption* Cayenne Models: Combined in l/100 km 11.9 – 9.0; CO2 emissions in g/km 272 – 205.

Fuel consumption* 911 GT3: Combined in l/100 km 12.9 – 12.7; CO2 emissions in g/km 290 – 288.

Training overview

• Course duration: two days

• Prior training level: Precision

• Car: own car or Porsche hire car

• Training venue: FIA-certifed on-road circuit Porsche in Leipzig

• Training objective: knowledge of driving dynamics and vehicle control at low and high speeds

• Next level up: Master, Master Licence and special training

Training content

• Steering and vision control

• Advanced oversteer and understeer

• Finding and following the racing line

• Efficient use of all ESC systems

• Guided drives with driving style assessment

• Lapping

• Minimising unwanted load-changing reactions

Porsche in Leipzig (GER)

• Track length: 3.7 km/+ 2.2 km

• Track width: 12 m/6.5 m

• Number of corners: 11

Accelerating, braking, cornering, maintaining the racing line. The feeling is indescribable, as you’ll soon find out. In every hundredth of a second. On our FIA-certified on-road circuit, which is modelled on famous sections from racetracks around the world: from the first bend, based on the Suzuka S to the very last curve sequence reminiscent of the Suntory Corner. Our on-road circuit has now been expanded to include a handling course which includes a 150-metre dynamic driving area and a wet handling section. Take up the challenge on tarmac. Racing fever will grip you as you enter the Karussell, an accurate replica of the legendary banked curve at the Nürburgring, which can also be incorporated into the circuit.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Porsche Track Experience Team on track@porscheexperience.deor +49 711 911-23364.

Additional Information

We will be pleased to send you further information on our event partner hotels or to give you a hotel recommendation.

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